Seruan kepada Bush


Hi Mr Bush

You are not a democratician. You are an agessor. Please stop your action to attack Irak. Do not kill the man in Iraq. Let you know that all man in the world is same. Please be aware of it.

Let you know that “you can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you can not fool all the people all the time”.

“Do by others as you wish to be done by”. “If you want to be strong know your weaknees”. “Happy is he who knows his follies”. “The more noble the more humble”.



Hi Mr Bush.

You are a great liar, a grande boaster, dajjal, kadzdzab, jahannam, a butcher, a killer, a slaughter, a ghost, a ghoul, a giant, a dracula, a vampire.

Between your speaking and your action is very very different, contraried, opposited, contradicted, not suited, not matched.

You say that Iraq is a producer of maas destroyer weapons, however you smash, pulve5rize, pound, turn upside down economic-culture-social of Iraq.

You use the word “to free”, “to liberate” Iraq people from opresson of tyrant, to wrap up your action “to kill”, “to slaughter” Iraq people which you done.

You use the word “to protect” the world from the danger which killed, to wrap uo your action “to destroy”, “to destruct” the world.

Truly you are Dajjal of today, Hitler of twenty first era. You are really a grand cowboy. You disdain, disregard, scorn, abse, neglect courteous nation hmanity law. You use jaggo law. You disregard, break the value of democracy and the international lay system.

You are really a janggo, a rambo. Your action is very very false, sly, nsipid, low, vile, bad, horror.

All courteous man in the world curse your rudeness, impertinence, insolence, falseness, cowardice, inspidness.

You will never feel safe, quite along your whle life, until you die.

Please be aware.



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